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    It's finally that time of year, festival season is upon us! The biggest question is what are we going to wear and bring with us while we are cheering on our favorite bands. Whether you are going to Stagecoach, Sun God,  or Coachella, you need an outfit that is going to wow the crowd, as well as be supremely comfortable. You will also need to bring some important essentials to make your festival experience easier. Here are a few suggestions to help you in your quest for the perfect festival outfit and the perfect accessories.

      The first thing you should think about when selecting your attire is what venue the festival will be held in. Typically festivals are held during the spring and summer months to ensure maximum sunshine. They are also held in large fields--which can be dusty or muddy--to accommodate several stages and as many people as possible. You probably are going to want close-toed shoes--like a bootie or a sneaker--to keep your tootsies clean, comfortable, and not bright red from too much sunshine. Remember you will be walking in the dirt for hours, so something with support is key. Make sure to break in any new shoes before your adventure as well.

    The weather is also a deciding factor in what you are going to want to wear. Coachella is both dusty and super hot, so you are going to want to plan an outfit that will keep you cool, but still be stylish. A good pair of patterned shorts, a flowy skirt, or cotton bell bottoms can be great options for your lower half. You have a lot of options for your upper half--including, but not limited to crop tops, cotton tanks, and band tee's--so be playful and keep it light and airy. Also ladies sometimes forget that a romper or sundress may be the least fussy option and the easiest to put together with your accessories. What you wear underneath your outfit is just as important--a bathing suit top or bralette peeking out can look stylish and double as another top if you get too warm. Layering a flowy kimono over the whole look keeps it bohemian and fun. And don't forget the boyfriend flannel shirt tied ever so casually around your cut off shorts!  Take a look at some pics of people and celebs from previous festivals for a little inspiration.

     Stagecoach will be a little more laid back and less bohemian.  For any country festival, a good pair of jean shorts and an off the shoulder top or band tee make a great base for any outfit. It is really all about the boots anyway, so find or borrow a fun pair of cowboy boots or fringed booties if you can.  Hats for any music festival are a must! You will be exposed to a lot of sun and you may burn, especially if you are going to indulge in a few cocktails, or maybe didn't plan well enough to stay hydrated. Just like your feet, you do not want a sunburnt face! 

      There are a few essentials you should remember to bring with you to any outdoor music festival. First and foremost, do not forget your sunblock! I know I keep mentioning how to avoid a sunburn, but trust me it will save you in the long run. No one wants to be hungover and sunburnt at the same time--it's like a Dante's Inferno level of hell type deal. The second key essential is cold hard cash. While some places take plastic, a lot will be cash only.  ATMs will be around, but they will charge you a ridiculous amount for every twenty you decide to take out-- trust me, you will want to sample the food, buy drinks, and stay hydrated. A good bag will be a lifesaver; I suggest a small to medium sized backpack or a crossbody. Your bag is another great way to add style to any outfit as well. Some less crucial, but still important essentials include a good pair of shades, lip balm for the dry desert heat, deodorant, a compact mirror for reapplication of any makeup and/or glitter you decide to wear, wet wipes for many different things, a portable phone charger so you can record every important moment, and bandaids for any scrapes or blisters you may get walking around all day. It also might be a good idea to carry a bandana in case of a dust storm. If you are camping on the festival grounds you will also need to bring some sort of tent, a sleeping bag or blankets, even more wet wipes--it will be the easiest way to keep the funk at bay--snacks, extra water, and whatever other accoutrements you may need to make you a happy camper. A good tip is to make friends with your camp neighbors so that they will be more inclined to let you borrow anything you may have forgotten. 

     Now onto the fun stuff--accessorizing! A good accessory can change a basic look into something jaw dropping. If you are going for the coachella bohemian vibe go with statement pieces that might include natural rocks/gems, leather mixed with metals, and/or layering. Bohemian festivals might be the only place where the more jewelry and sparkle the better, especially if it is worn in an unexpected way. Try a choker layered with longer beaded necklaces,  a necklace worn as a headpiece, an actual crown made out of flowers or faux crystals, or an embellished belt. Mix and match your metals for an even more boho effect. Makeup can also be used as an accessory to make your festival look more special. You can start by playing with color, design, and face-safe glitter or crystal embellishments to create a unique look like the one above. Stagecoach is a bit more tame when it comes to the accessories--all you need is a good hat and a killer pair of boots. Add in a cool leather belt and some turquoise jewelry to step your country festival game up. 

     Festivals can be a super fun and crazy adventure. You get to share in an incredible experience with like minded people whom you would never have met otherwise. Hopefully you can utilize some of these tips while you are there to help make your experience that much more amazing! Don't forget to dance like nobody's watching, make some new friends, and stay hydrated!

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