Why We Love Dresses

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     Why do we love dresses so much? Well, for one, they are the easiest thing to throw on. You can roll out of bed and be out the door in record time, but still look like you put effort into your outfit. Lets face it everyone wants a couple extra minutes in bed to mentally prepare for the day ahead--or to hit that snooze button a couple times. Dresses are a celebration of our femininity--an ever evolving tribute to the female form.With a little sparkle or lace they can make a woman feel like the prettiest version of herself. The beauty of dresses being that there are so many different styles, fabrics, and lengths out there. Every woman can find one that best suits their body and makes them feel amazing, while not sacrificing comfort. There is a myriad of reasons why dresses haven't gone the way of the dodo--especially after pants gained in popularity. So lets all take some time to celebrate the dress and its iconic moments. Who knows you might gain an all new appreciation for them--even if you prefer your favorite perfecting broken in pair of jeans. 

      If you think about it women have been wearing dresses since we started wearing clothing, even men wore them for a good chunk of human history--yes we are counting the toga as a dress. It really wasn't till Katharine Hepburn donned a pair of wide leg trousers in the movies that it became fashionable for women to wear pants in their everyday lives. That's a very large chunk of time dedicated  exclusively to the dress. Dresses have definitely changed throughout the decades, all women can say a small hallelujah that the uncomfortable corseted dresses of the Victorian Era are long gone. We can give thanks to Coco Chanel, who during the first World War thought that it might be more comfortable for women to be able to breathe. She also gave us the iconic LBD, or little black dress, and was famously quoted as saying  "A woman without a little black dress has no future". A good  LBD can change the way any woman struts into a room.The key is to find one in a length and shape you feel the most comfortable in, but with a little extra edge. Does anyone remember Princess Diana's famous "revenge" LBD? Most women would agree that the LBD is a necessity in every woman's closet for many reasons--especially because black is such an easy color for anyone to pull off. You automatically look like you have your stuff together if you show up to an event wearing an appropriate black dress. 

     In the 70's Diane Von Furstenberg changed the fashion game again when she brought out the wrap-dress. It's a seemingly simple silhouette--a single piece of jersey fabric that wraps around a woman's curves and ties on the the side. It is arguably one of the most flattering styles on most shapes and sizes. Her tagline was "feel like a woman, wear a dress", a sort of call to feminine arms after the rise in popularity of women wearing pants. Wrap dresses are made in a way that compliments the female form.This particular style is a good way to create curves for those of us who need help and celebrate those of us who are blessed with them. The wrap dress has come back in a big way the last couple years. Not just done in jersey, you can find styles in a variety of fabrics and any pattern that you could imagine.



     Someone asked me once if I would rather be an Audrey or a Marilyn and the first thing that popped into my head about either gorgeous woman was their most iconic dress looks. Marilyn's being when she stepped on that darn steaming subway grate, and Audrey's of course being that classic black Givenchy Breakfast At Tiffany's look. We can all agree that they both look spectacular, but we can also agree that they are wearing the dress, the dress is not wearing them. That is in large part due to the confidence both women feel in those dresses. It will not matter if the dress you are wearing is the most expensive or most popular style of the time, you have to feel amazing in it. That is the great thing about the fashion of today, it's an amalgamation of all the best parts of decades past--and admitting-ly some truly awful 80's fashion we should forget . If you are wondering about my answer to the above question, I want to be both--classic and spontaneous. Although I don't know if I would step on that subway grate, seemed like it might be hot, but I've heard some people like it that way. 

   Women love dresses because we love to celebrate our femininity and what makes us uniquely female. Like everything, we have evolved throughout the decades and so too, have dresses. Nowadays we have variety of choices in front us--whether you love maxi, mini, classic, or daring, there is a dress out there for you.




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