Why Texture Matters: A Guide to Layering Your Look

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  Have you ever felt like your outfit was a little blah? Does your closet not inspire you to create show-stopping looks? Well, maybe, that's because you forgot one of the key components of being stylish: texture. Texture is important because it takes your outfit from meh to chic effortlessly by layering different fabrics, weights, and prints to create a multi-dimensional ensemble. It's what the fashion influencers call a "lewk",  and it is pretty easy to achieve if you you know the rules. Here are some reasons why it works, how it works, and some tips for you to play with on your quest to become a pro texturizer. After all, why just read the rules when you can strut your stuff in a fabulous outfit guided by them?  

   Texturizing an outfit, by definition, is creating harmony in your look by layering different materials and patterns. It is truly a balancing act--too much and you'll look like a bag lady, too little and it won't make enough of an impact. Feel free to take inspiration from people who do it and do it well. Some obvious mentions are Olivia Palermo, Iris Apfel, and the greatest texturizer of them all: Mrs. Carrie Preston nee Bradshaw. I'm going to be honest, seeing Sex and the City for the first time and being wowed by Carrie's multi-layered outfits really showed me what texture can do. Even the iconic tulle tutu mixed with the soft bodysuit from the opening credits is a great illustration of basic texturizing. Iris Apfel is also a personal favorite if you are interested in more high-fashion, avant garde looks. I urge you to google her if you haven't already, although be warned, you will be amazed at what she can do with a pair of coke bottle glasses, a ton of jewelry, and some feathers! Don't feel like you have to go completely over-the-top either; Olivia Palermo is the perfect example of someone who layers neutrals and accessories in a very elegant, easily achievable way. Take inspo from all of them, just one, or somebody you find not mentioned here, but remember to put your own twist on it! 

   There are a few different ways you can achieve texture in your ensemble. If you are a newbie, your safest bet would be to start out by mixing fabric weights. Take your favorite chunky knit and pair it with a silky skirt, or some vintage corduroy pants with a super soft band tee. The point is to create movement by juxtaposing heavy with soft. Another way would be to mix your prints and patterns. I know we have talked a lot in the past about print mixing, and guess what, we are going to mention it again. By utilizing more than one pattern or print, it keeps the eye moving and interested in what you are wearing. You can also try using literal textures like ruching, eyelet, appliques, sequins, and embroidery for a cool 3D effect. Again, you want to be careful with balance. Keeping your tone focused is key to keeping the look cool. If you are doing a feminine blouse with 3D applique flowers, maybe don't pair it with your Nike joggers and a ton of rhinestones. Instead opt for pieces that make sense together. Not to say you can't mix it up and add a studded leather jacket to a girly embroidered shift dress, just be careful about over-doing it. Practice makes perfect, so go ahead and try out as many looks as you can with what you already  have in your wardrobe!

   Now that you've got some good inspo to lead your way, it is time for you to break out of the blah box and create some chic textured looks! Don't be afraid to go a little wild with it! After-all, the most well dressed women are at least 10% cooler when they layer their looks!



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