What's The Deal With Accessories?

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   I began this blog with thoughts about what basic accessories every girl needs in her arsenal, you know, a pashmina, a good pair of hoops, a decent clutch (NOT the one you received as a gift with purchase at the cosmetics' counter), that perfect pair of Chelsea boots, etc--you get the picture.  But here's the thing, maybe our closet support staff shouldn't be the basics, but rather little teases of personality that we can introduce to our wardrobe. You can take the  most simple pieces, and with a few really good accessories make it a knockout outfit. I think one of my favorite looks would be a classic dress paired with some fabulous accessories.

       Perhaps one the most important accessory you may ever have is, wait for it, a denim jacket.  Yep, it's that simple, and you can pair it with anything.  Sure, it's basic, but when paired with a lace dress, it's nothing but stylish. It can also be used to take an outfit that is slightly too posh for a Sunday fun-day brunch date and make it just casual enough for everyday. The key things to look for in denim jackets would be silhouette and color.  A cropped dark denim jacket says something completely different than say, a slightly relaxed light denim. For everyday, a nice natural crop in a medium wash suits almost every look you could possibly think of.  We carry at least one style of denim jackets year round because they work for every season.

        Your jewelry style says a lot about you, so make sure that every piece plays an important part of your look, and remember that it should be a reflection of who you are as a person--it's arguably the most personal accessory you may have.  A strong statement piece can serve two purposes; the first would be to add some panache to an otherwise simple outfit, and the second would be to create something interesting to talk about. A woman who wears something truly extraordinary wants to draw attention to herself, and her personal style, from everyone who crosses her path. Something more dainty is usually worn for the wearer; either it has a special meaning, or it speaks to them on another level. Finding your own jewelry style will make it easier for you to buy pieces you will actually enjoy wearing, and not just things that are trendy at the time (sorry puka shells). Make a statement pairing a string of pearls (or multiple strings) with your favorite tee and distressed denim.

           Ok, no lie, your choice of accessories can make or break your outfit. Nothing is worse than when someone's whole outfit looks good, and then you see that they have truly heinous shoes on. I know you got them from a flea market in Prague on your European extravaganza, but maybe admire them as a memento in your closet, rather than on your feet. Another thing to watch out for is diving into matchy-matchy territory, the bag doesn't have to match the shoes. Instead, having accessories that are cohesive and/or have a direction is an important point of any outfit. If you have a more classic style try accessories in clean/simple styles with similar color tones, and if you are more edgy, try pieces that are a little more rock-n-roll, like items with grommets or studs. That's not to say you can't wear classic pieces with something more edgy, just be careful you don't look like you are playing dress up. In the same vain, be careful about overdoing it--as the great Coco Chanel said "Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and remove one accessory". 


   What are the key accessories that we cant live without??  A good pair of sunglasses can serve two purposes---to protect your delicate irises from the harsh sun, and to be a reflection of your style.  Any bag in a classic shape and neutral shade will take you pretty far by easily working with almost most outfits. We are fans of the awesome bags and leather goods from Hobo (lucky for you, we carry them on our site and in store). Hoop earrings, big or small, are a great accessory for any woman looking for an everyday staple. Don't let any Regina George types persuade you into thinking you cannot wear them because they are her thing. The perfect pair of black heels, red soled or not, that you can style effortlessly with jeans or party dresses. A string of pearls for any occasion where your first impression is important, i.e. meeting the parents or job interviews. A neutral leather belt is a good completer piece, keeps your pants up, and cinches in your waist. Really anything multi-purpose or easily added to most outfits is what you are going to look for. 

    Accessories are an integral part of any good outfit, but to make it great, you have to inject it with a little of your own personality. Be as bold as your heart desires! The best accessorizers out there are the ones who wear their pearls with a pair of beat up chucks and their Chanel bags with their vintage finds. It's those little snaps of creativity that take you from trendy to trendsetter. We may give you some pointers to help steer your boat into the harbor, but remember to be different, and to have fun! That's really what fashion is for, after all. 

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