What is Green All Over and Not Kermit the Frog?

Feb 16 2017 0 Comments


          If your answer was the Pantone color of the year, than you are correct -- and also really good at interpreting vague questions!  Every year Pantone releases one color that embodies what they infer the New Year will hold. I assume this requires a lot of statistical analysis and scientific talks, but I’m not in the room where it happens -- that’s a Hamilton reference for all my theater nerds out there. The color this year, Greenery, is a beautiful green that encompasses a need to reconnect with nature.  There is an earthy playfulness to the shade; not unlike the stem of a daisy or a blade of fresh grass. Energetic and vibrant, it's the perfect spring shade to breathe new life into anyone’s wardrobe or home accessories.

            Greenery has popped up in some of the fashion world's biggest Spring '17 runway shows -- I’m talking Gucci, Miu Miu, Etro, Michael Kors, etc. The designers have weaved it into their collections beautifully. Greenery is showing up in everything from coats to dresses, and anything in between. If you find the color is too bold to pull off as a solid piece, you are in luck; most mainstream companies like Lovestitch and Cotton Candy, are adding the color into their prints. I’ve seen it beautifully mixed with peachy pinks, violets, blues, and even a bit of orange. If you are still unsure how the color will work for you -- especially if you are one of my all-black wearing girls out there -- try it in an accessory; it looks gorgeous as a pop of color on a necklace, a fun pair of shoes, or a crossbody bag.  

            The color has also appeared in the home accessory arena, seeming to pop up overnight on pots, pans, throws, curtains, and more. It is the perfect accent shade if you want something light and earthy to brighten up a space. It can be really nice with more subtle shades like cream and gray.  Try adding some real life greenery into your home by incorporating succulents that match your new accessories.  We have a pouf from Dovetail in our San Clemente shop right now that is the perfect addition to any boho lovers home!

            I cannot wait to see all of my ladies out there give this special shade a chance. Feel free to comment and tell us how you have incorporated greenery into your life. You may just give us a new idea!


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