What Goes Around, Comes Around

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  Have you ever noticed that certain trends have a tendency to rematerialize every couple of decades? Feel like you are having a serious case of deja vu every time you glimpse the runway or a fashion mag? Especially recently, just like every 90's television show, fashion seems to be remaking itself in the image of trends from way back when. It's like a revolving door of looks that keep spinning around and around. Here is why certain trends seem to come back, and how to wear the them without looking like you've stepped out of a time machine. 

  It's happened to all of us--we are wearing some new, cool trend and our mother/grandmother/aunt breezily remarks that they used to wear the same exact thing when they were our age. We scoff, because surely our elders were never as stylish as we are now. Maybe, just maybe, mom was cool in her youth--and possibly even now. The truth is a lot of fashion is inspired by looks from the past. The reason behind such fashion recycling is that the silhouette works. The cut, color, pattern is a real crowd pleaser, so why not bring it back with just enough of an update to make it fresh again. After all, there are a finite amount of silhouettes to work with in fashion, and even fewer that flatter the majority of different body shapes. Speaking of body shapes, you may notice that certain silhouettes make their return when we see a shift in the norm.   We're currently less obsessed with the uber-thin, and more interested in a curvier hourglass shape. That means fashion has to find a way to flatter and/or create that shape for people who want to achieve it. 


   So, how do we incorporate old school trends with new school style? The easiest way is to pay homage to the past, while making sure your outfit has enough current style to keep it fresh. Try a vintage shape in a more modern pattern, like a 60's style A-line dress, or a mod skirt with over-the-knee boots. Another option might be a modern cold shoulder top in a vintage print. The juxtaposition between new and old will create a cool, trendy look. Also, don't be afraid to use color--the 80's were fraught with questionable fashion, but the day-glo bright color look can be updated in a more form flattering shape without all those fussy accessories. Don't count out playing with different proportions either. A bell sleeved top inspired by the 70's, paired with skinny cropped denim is drastically different than the bell bottoms popular in that decade. 


   Recently we've seen a resurgence of fashion inspired by the 70's and 90's. Cool, grungy sport-wear has made a serious comeback. Even popular 90's brands like Adidas and Puma are selling out of track pants and tees emblazoned with their signature insignia. Larger brands like Gucci are getting in on the sporty theme as well. Shapes are much more loose-cut, roughed up, and informal. The trendiest of trendsetters are paring their loose fit joggers with bra tops and waist bags (guess what, fanny packs are cool again, just don't get caught referring to them as fanny packs). The crop top is also back in a big way. If you are apprehensive showing that much skin, its easily paired with something high-waisted on the bottom. If you are looking for something to wear from even further back in the century, look no further than pieces featuring bell sleeves, wrap dresses, flirty jumpsuits, and psychedelic prints, a la the 70's. Try a wide leg trouser in a fun print with a basic body suit and some wedge heels to really get a feel for the look without looking outdated.  

    You see, its true what the great and wise Justin Timberlake sang--what goes around, does in fact come back around. As always, be fearless in your fashion choices, and if they are inspired be decades past, even better. Although, maybe leave any fashion from the turn of the 20th century back where it belongs. Corsets just seem like a bad time all around, if you know what I mean. 



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