Good Jeans Are Like Good Boyfriends--Hard To Find

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           Most of you will probably agree that between the seemingly infinite styles and differences in fit, finding the perfect pair of jeans is like finding a needle in a haystack. In some cases it may actually be harder than finding the perfect bathingsuit! Yet we all look for that perfect pair—the one that makes our legs appear long, our butts look great, and our hips perfectly proportioned to our bodies. Does it actually exist? Should we be wearing boot-cut or straight leg, distressed or faded, hipbone grazing or high-waisted, super skinny or boyfriend baggy? Well for some people hunting for their Holy Grail pair has paid off, while a good majority of us are still striving to find the perfect one. Leaving us to wonder how they found that which alludes us on every shopping trip. Maybe there should be an app that helps you find your HG jeans a la tinder—but with, hopefully, less awkward conversation.

            Here is a fun history lesson for you—the blue jean was first created in 1873 by Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis. You might recognize one of those names considering Levi’s are one of the most popular brands today. The word jean comes from the city of Genoa in Italy—yes the one where the salami comes from—where a fabric made from cotton corduroy, and commonly called "jeane", was manufactured. Luckily, today jeans are made from much more comfortable fabrics with a high cotton content, so they are much more breathable and enjoyable to wear. Back then the blue jean was typically worn by working class men on the job. Jeans gained popularity in the 1950’s--think the "greaser" look--and have steadily held onto their spot in the fashion hierarchy since then. It is interesting the imagine a time when a woman wearing jeans was seen as taboo. What was once a working class garment for men, and then a statement by the disenfranchised male youth of the 50's, is now the pinnacle of style and comfort for women.  The most trendy of trendsetters are wearing jeans of every shape and color. 


          So how do us normal folk find our perfect jean? Well, arguably, the most important thing to remember is that trends surrounding shape and style come and go. If you prefer a low-waisted boot-cut shape over the uber trendy high-waisted skinnies of today--then buy the ones you like. Comfort and functionality are just as important as design. That is what makes something like the boyfriend jean so great--it is both a statement as well as being supremely comfortable. Another thing to think about is quality--if you wear jeans most days, find pairs that are made well and use thicker, stronger fabrics that will retain their shape between washings. In our shop we carry brands like Mavi and Articles of Society that fit the bill. The price might be a little higher, but you will not have to replace them as often, and I guarantee in the long run it will be worth it.

            Shopping for jeans can be like going to the DMV--tedious and headache inducing--don't let that get you down! Your best bet is to have a clear vision of what you are looking for and the things that you absolutely do not want. Are you looking for comfort or something to go with the slinky top you just bought for a date? Do you like a distressed pair or would you prefer a clean rip free look? Utilize resources like pinterest and fashion magazines to scope out what is current and different ways to put outfits together. Also do not be afraid to try a trend-- it is a good way to get you out of your fashion box. Embroidery and frayed hems are huge this season--like the ones from our shop above--maybe buy a pair in a shape that suits you. They may not be your HG pair, but at least you will have some fun before you finally commit to the "one". 

     Out of all the fashion dilemmas we might face, at least we are all in this one together. So I am wishing all the lovely ladies out there good luck, have fun,  and happy hunting! Also maybe we should ban together and ask manufacturers to make  the pockets for women's jeans functional. There are five of them on any typical design, and yet all they can hold is a slip of paper. What is that about?



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