Time For Ho-Ho-Holiday Gift Ideas

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     Yet again, tis' the season for hot cocoa, pretty lighted houses, decorated trees, and gift giving. Whether you are heading to a holiday party or shopping for whoever is on your nice list, sometimes finding the right gift can get gosh darn difficult. It is also sometimes hard to remember that the biggest, most expensive gift, isn't always the best option. Spike some of your festive holiday beverage, sit down, and get ready because here are a few ideas to get your holiday shopping juices flowing. 

     Let's start somewhere small, like the gift you need for the hostess of the holiday party you are attending. It can feel incredibly daunting at the beginning of the holiday season when all the party invitations start to pile up. Just remember that it doesn't have to be extravagant, something small and nicely made can be just the ticket. Candles are always a big hit in instances such as these. We carry a line called Voluspa that has gained quite the cult following--which, as an added benefit, is locally made in southern California. In the same olfactory vain, locally made, cult favorite soaps and scents also make great small gifts. Kai is a line that everyone (even Oprah) loves. It's gardenia based and smells like a tropical vacation, which is never not a good thing. When all else fails, booze is rarely a bad option, after all, nothing says party like a little liquid courage consumption--go for something classic like a mild Pinot Noir, or if they are into hard liquor, a good scotch or whiskey. Include a fun flask and you've got the perfect gift!

      If you are asking yourself what to get for the person who has and/or buys everything, than you can take solace in the fact that you are not alone. We all have that person in our lives that will mention wanting something once, and then show up at your next friend date wearing/carrying the same item. Note that the best gifts are not always monetarily large, and something personalized or one of a kind never goes out of style. One of a kind jewelry like items you can get in small boutiques--like our own--are some of the best options, especially if they are locally made or are symbolic of something you know the recipient loves. Things like photo-books or personalized wall-hangs are easy to find online and even easier to design. Many sites have templates that you can utilize to create something incredibly unique to their personal style. Use the internet as a tool, blogs like this one or even Pinterest will offer great pointers to make your holiday shopping experience less stressful.

       Buying for you significant other can be tough--especially if you only started seeing each other recently. Listening to your partner and creating a mental note when they say they like something will do wonders for your gift shopping. If you are really stuck, buy them their favorite luxury products like the perfume or cologne they love, but may not buy themselves--you already know they're into it so go ahead and put it in your basket. A more DIY option would be personalized coupons for anything ranging from massages to date night ideas. Also gift certificates for any spa services are always a welcome surprise--and if that includes a couples massage you get to indulge in too, than everyone's a winner. 


     This is just a sampling of shopping situations you might find yourself in during the holiday season. You may have noticed a running theme of personalized, unique, locally found gifts. Shopping small not only helps small businesses, but it also ensures a really special gift for whomever you are shopping for. Hopefully, you aren't too deep into that spiked holiday beverage from earlier, and this has given you at least one idea for someone in your life you have to buy for. 


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