Size Matters (That's What She Said!)

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         Why are we as women so incredibly worried about what that size tag says? Those little pieces of cardstock sure hold a lot of power! It shouldn’t matter if the digits are single or double—it doesn’t define us as people. It also doesn’t suggest we are unhealthy or unattractive. Everyone’s body is different, but we are always looking at our “size” like an affliction. As granola flower-child as it sounds—I wish we could all just let it go (thank you Queen Elsa and your stylish snowflake cape). Oh and I would also like world peace.

            Arguably, the most important part of buying any piece of clothing is the fit—it’s the difference between looking stylishly aloof or like you are in your pajamas. A delicate balance of I’m trying, but not too hard. I’ve seen women of all ages try to hide their bodies by buying items that are much larger than they actually are. I’m going to let you in a secret though; a well-tailored piece will do you leaps and bounds better if your goal is to hide the things that you are uncomfortable with. People will be so blinded by your brilliant style, they won’t be looking for the negative. 

            Something else to note when looking at the size of a garment is that everything has a different silhouette and a different way it will hang on you. A lot of women see a “basic” tee and think they know exactly what size they are. They buy it without trying it on and when they get home it doesn’t look like they imagined. That’s because every manufacturer has their own pattern for their clothing—they decide what the fit is for their average consumer. This is why trying everything on is so important—make a day out of it with your girlfriends; maybe have brunch beforehand, and if that brunch includes cocktails, then so be it.   I won’t judge!


         Here is my second secret of the day-some companies are guilty of vanity sizing. I know it is absolutely shocking! Or maybe not that surprising if you have experienced it. Now what does vanity sizing mean? It means sometimes a company will make each size a little bit bigger than the average—i.e. they will make a small slightly larger so it will fit someone who usually wears a medium. The big debate is if vanity sizing is a good thing; for me it’s kind of a grey area. On one hand, it is great for the companies because it encourages people to keep buying clothing from them, and it also makes the consumer happy if they are uncomfortable with their usual sizing. The feeling that since you normally wear a large, but can fit into a small, means you may have transformed into a mythical unicorn that is attractive to everyone. The inverse being that women are so confused and conflicted about what their size actually is that they give up. Why even try when you have no idea where each brand stands.

           I like to imagine a day when someone looks at the size of a dress and--instead of having a mini panic attack--they take a page out of Rhett Butler’s book exclaiming proudly “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn”!


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