Shady Ladies

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      Sunnies, shades, specs; regardless of what you call them, sunglasses are a fundamental accessory for any woman. Not only are they quintessential for keeping your eyes healthy, but they can be a serious fashion statement. Think about it, when you wear a good pair of sunglasses your entire persona changes. Are you wearing massive black ones--like Holly Golightly--that make you look sexy and mysterious, or a casual cool pair of Raybans, or maybe an uber trendy rounded pair? The first thing someone is going to see is your face, so you have to make sure any accessory adorning it is translating exactly what you want it to. Here are some do's, don'ts, and views about what kind of sunglasses you should be wearing.
    Do think about these two questions that will help you pick your perfect pair--what kind of attitude do you want to portray to the world while wearing your shades, and what do your sunnies say about your overall style. If you were out drinking the night before and want to cover your sleep deprived eyes, but also warn anyone off from approaching you, go with a large pair that covers roughly one third of your face, and has blackout style lenses. It's like a neon sign that says approach with caution.  If you are part of the crowd I like to call "ladies who brunch" you want to go black, large, and expensive looking. Anyone wanting to look trendy and bubbly might want to try a tortoise or marbled shade in a cat eye or wayfarer--it is just different enough, but still classic enough not put anyone off.  For those of us who want to try something different and quirky, there are many a pair in pastel shades and fun shapes.There are so many different styles to choose from that you will for sure be able to find something that suits you. 
    I am going to add some all caps now, so don't be afraid--DO NOT forget about your face shape! Doesn't the old adage go "ask not what your sunglasses can do for your face shape, but what your face shape can do for your sunglasses", or something like that. It does not matter how expensive or designer your shades are, if they do not go with your face shape, they will not work. What you do want to look for are shapes that compliment what your are naturally gifted with. If you have a smaller, thinner face, maybe go with something with a thinner frame, or that has slight details, like a modest cat-eye. The opposite is true if you have a more rounded face--feel free to go a bit more exaggerated with a bolder frame. Remember these are just suggestions--everyone's face is different in proportion--so try on as many shapes and sizes as possible until you know what best suits you. 
      Don't feel like you have to buy designer. Buying designer can be an unending loop of disappointment if you have a tendency to sit on your shades as much as I do. It starts with instant gratification when you make your purchase, then dread when you drop them the first time, and finally sadness when you eventually misplace or break them. That snap crackle sound forever haunts me, as I am sure it does a lot of others. An expensive pair may also be out of your budget, especially if you have to repurchase--that's okay, there are many mainstream brands today that do great frames for a fraction of the cost.
      If you must buy designer, do buy in a classic style (one that even Karl Lagerfeld above would approve of). It is important that you love the ones you wear every day, especially if you are planning to have one pair be your ride or die and you feel like splurging on something expensive. Black will never go out of style and it will go with every outfit in your closet. A slightly squared off pair is also going to be the most flattering for a lot of face shapes.  Perhaps consider the classic Ray Ban wayfarer or aviator design--I'm partial to the ones that fold up and don't take a ton of room in the purse. That being said, if designer sunglasses are your thing and you have the cash to buy multiple pairs--or will forgo your daily bread--disregard what I just said and buy however many expensive frames your heart desires.
   Do remember that whatever shape your sunglasses are, or however many you possess, should be secondary to how awesome you feel in them! Wear them with pride! Get excited to buy a pair that complements both you and your style. Just maybe don't wear them at night. I think we can all agree that is just weird--no matter what any cheesy 80's song says.

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