Obligatory Valentines Day Post

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   Valentine's Day--a celebration of everything pink,  perfect, and good, like finding your "person". You know the one who doesn't mind all your weird little quirks and eccentricities, like the fact that you have display towels that no one is allowed to touch, or that you floss in bed. February 14th is, arguably, the one day of the year dedicated to love in all of its forms, whatever they may be. Don't let the candy hearts, roses, and expensive set menu dinners fool you; V-day isn't just for the lovers. In fact, you can celebrate it whether you've made your relationship status social media official, or if you've checked the boxes single and it's complicated. Here are some great ways to pay homage to the day--if you want to, no pressure--no matter the group you fall into. 

   If you are lucky enough to have found someone you can stand for longer than the time it takes to finish a venti caramel machiatto, Valentine's can be a wonderful day to commemorate your couple-dom. It can also be rife with anxiety. Do you go for a big gesture that declares your love to the masses, or something small and intimate, just for you two? Personally, I'm more in the camp of doing something different than the usual candy, flowers, dinner set. Not that the customary V-day staples are bad, it'll just look like you've put forth more effort if you do something that really speaks to what your partner likes. Maybe they do want to get all gussied up and go to a nice reservation only dinner. Or, maybe, they want to enjoy a nice picnic at your "spot" with just the two of you, a nice bottle of wine, and the sunset. Special gestures, like a handwritten love note in place of a card you bought the morning of (because you just realized what day it was after seeing all the paper hearts), are ways to show that you've put extra thought into what would make them feel special. Not to get all sappy, but keep in mind, the day, at its core, is about commemorating the love you and your partner share. Whatever you do should be a compliment to your relationship, and what you enjoy doing together. 

   What do you do if you are at the weird stage before you've had the "what are we" relationship talk? Well, best bet is to do something small and sweet that makes them feel important, without putting too much pressure on the day. This is where the good ol' card and candy box routine come in handy. If you are super stumped on what to get your potential mate, print out a cute vintage valentine that makes you laugh and do a box of those chalky conversation hearts (just found out they don't make Sweethearts anymore, but you'll probably be able to find some non-name brand candy hearts). A nice gesture, though small, is better than no gesture at all (Hey, I rhymed!). Might be a good idea to hold off on the big stuff though, at least until you've established you both have two feet into a committed partnership, lest you want to scare them off.    

   Those of us who don't have a romantic valentine can still celebrate the day in our own way. I truly believe that you can't love anyone else until you love yourself flaws and all. So, girl, be your own valentine!  Spend the day pampering yourself with some serious self-care. Buy a bottle of wine, make your favorite dinner (if that happens to be pizza delivery, even better), and pop on a face mask. Feeling in the party mood? Gather a group of your other single buddies and throw a valentines day party celebrating those relationships that mean the most to you. Or, if you are feeling a little glum, do what Jessica Biel's character does in the movie Valentine's Day, and throw an anti-V-day party. The scene where she beats the stuffing out of a heart shaped pinata really resonated with me, as I'm sure it did a lot of other single gals out there. 

   If celebrating the day at all is totally not your thing, regardless of your relationship status, go ahead and skip it. What's a better way to to distract from all the heart shaped decorations than going to the cinema to see a horror flick? Has anyone else ever noticed that scary movies tend to come out in February? Me thinks there might be a marketing strategy at play. Just make sure, if you do find yourself in a relationship, that the other person is on the same page about skipping the Hallmark holiday. Nothing is more awkward then receiving a romantic gift and giving back zilch. Although, that might be a good sign that it's not the right relationship for you. 

  Here's a cheers to the lovers and the singles! I hope the universe is nice to you February 14th, no matter what your plans are! 


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