Waist Bags: Not Your Mother's Fanny Pack

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  Fanny packs, the final frontier of urban usefulness, are back from their long exile from fashion.The cool kids may call them waist bags nowadays, but we know what they really are.  Albeit, they are definitely cooler, updated versions of the old 90's staple. No longer bound by the confines of single pocket nylon, these new babies come in a variety of materials and styles. Even the trendiest of Instagram influencers are going gaga over these incredibly useful bags. So lets get our fill while it lasts! 

   Have you ever wanted to go hands free, but didn't want to deal with the clunky-ness of a cross-body bag, or the black hole that is the modern woman's handbag? Well, so called "waist bags" are your savior. A single pouch to fit all your actual necessities--its like a woman's version of Batman's utility belt. These beauties are meant to un-complicate your life by parring down your essentials to just the things you actually need, like your phone, credit cards, sunnies, and possibly a gloss. They also come in a ton of different makes and models. You might go uber boho with a whip-stitched leather version like the ones we carry from Hobo. Or perhaps you want to go ultra lux with a quilted Chanel in decadent lambskin. If you always dreamed of being Sporty Spice, a good ol' nylon version from Adidas might be your cup of tea. Even better, if you are actually sporty, a hips sister version that fits flat like the top of a spandex yoga pant with pockets for all of your goodies is just the ticket. 

   Waist bags are truly good for any adventure you are likely to go on. Going to the market? Pair your waist bag with your denim and basic tee so you don't have to fiddle with a huge carry all in the international food aisle. Perhaps you plan to hike up Runyon with the girls? Well your sporty pack will fit all your walking essentials, leaving your hands free for your water bottle. Bonus, you won't get a weird strap tan line like you get from a cross-body bag. Is an amusement park or outdoor concert more your thing? Guess what, your hobo original leather waist bag is stylish and will fit your phone, cards, and keys easily. Traveling to a foreign country and wary about bringing a bag with you? A flat style will even fit your passport! See, that's the thing that we all love about this style of bag, it absolutely fits into any part of your life. 

   Whether you wear your waist bag around your actual waist, or get risky and wear it cross body a la Kendall Jenner, you will look completely chic! Don't be afraid to step out of your own fashion box. Accessories like the waist bag are a perfect way to dip your toe into something a bit more sartorial, while still maintaining your own personal style. As always, have fun and be fabulous!

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