New Year, Who This?

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   Hopefully, 2018 was a year of good personal and professional growth for everyone. If not, honey, you are not alone; plenty of us are going into 2019 ready for a stiff drink and some good ol' change. As we step forth into the first few weeks of the new year it is time to set our intention for what the next 365 days will bring. Time to slough off the excess people or personal hangups that are holding us back, and start to become the best versions of ourselves. I like to imagine we are all plants who need sunlight and water, instead of rain clouds and iced coffee. Here are six easy ways to get your mind and body into alignment to insure that your goals--be them big or small--are met.


   Focus less on huge unattainable goals, and more on smaller sets of goals you can definitely achieve. Like working out, its about the reps, not about the amount of weight, that determines results. Pushing yourself is always a good thing, but pushing yourself too hard may land you in the loony bin. Girl, give yourself a break, you're doing your best! Instead of overloading yourself, break down what you want to achieve into bite size pieces, and reward yourself in some way when you complete each piece. If you have a hard time motivating yourself, using incentives is the perfect way to keep momentum on the upswing. Maybe for every small goal you accomplish on the road to the big kahuna, you increase the amount of reward. When you know you are getting something you really enjoy, you'll be more excited to complete each task. 

   Remember to be grateful. Sometimes we get really caught up in all the things we don't have or haven't achieved yet. Especially when all of our friends are married, have kids, and a great career, when we are still treading water in the Tinder dating pool. It is easy to get bogged down with bad feelings and miss out on all the positive moments in our lives. To combat this, a friend of mine does a gratitude check before bed. Before closing her eyes and drifting off to lala land, she'll think of three things that had a positive influence on her day. Maybe at first you'll only be able to recognize one thing to be grateful for--like the fact that you are existing in a time when In&Out also exists--but eventually it will get easier to find things to be positive about. There are loads of line-a-day journals on the market that are perfect investments to keep you gratitude check, well, in check. 

   Going back to my plant analogy, drink more water! I truly believe that drinking water alleviates so many negative things. Got a headache? Drink water. Feeling like your skin isn't at its best? Drink water. Got a mean hangover from too many margaritas? Drink A LOT of water. Pure and simple: water is good for you, it's like science and stuff. Plus, you'll need to hydrate if you are crying all the time because you feel like the world is going to the dogs. A good tumbler, in a sustainable material, that you can take with you everywhere will aid you on your water drinking journey. You can also find apps that remind you of how much water you are supposed to have been drinking throughout the day. While we are at it, wear more sunscreen! Trust me, you will be thanking me when you are sixty and your skin is still smooth and supple from all the SPF and H2O!

   Buy an outfit that makes you feel unstoppable. Okay, it doesn't have to be a whole outfit, but a piece or two that truly make you feel like a superstar. You'll feel more confident when you wear it, and when you look confident people are more inclined to think you've got your S&#* together. This is especially important if your new year's goal is a new job opportunity or path. You'll want to impress potential future employers, and/or people interested in your brand, with an attitude that says you can do just about anything you put your mind to. A key piece of that equation starts with looking your absolute best. Use your shopping powers for good this year and invest in something that will make people want to invest there time in you. 

   Spend less time with people or things that don't enrich your life. The hardest things to recognize and let go of are our bad habits. If you sincerely want to make strides towards your best life this year, its time to take a good long look at the people, possessions, or hobbies that just aren't feeding your soul anymore. In no way am I telling you to cut off contact completely with Becky who likes to drink her lunch and gossip all day, but maybe move Becky to Sunday Funday and spend the rest of the week with people who motivate you. Same goes for extracurricular activities--listen I like to binge watch a TV show on Netflix while eating my weight in pizza like the rest of the planet, but doing it everyday just isn't conducive to my motivation. I'm all for doing things in moderation though, so go ahead and spend a weekend or two doing just that. Again, start small; if you want that Starbucks frappacino you've been craving, walk instead of drive, and then drink your delicious beverage outdoors to take advantage of all that naturally occurring vitamin D. You are taking something relatively "bad" for you, and doing something good for you body. I think it cancels it out somehow--again science and stuff. 

   Utilize the internet for good, and not like a black hole for your time. I am super guilty of going into a fugue state on YouTube and coming to at 2AM watching a cat video. The thing is, the internet has a vast amount of knowledge--some good, and some that maybe should be kept in the dark (I'm talking about you, Reddit conspiracy theories). Instead of spending hours trying to numb your brain, listen to a Ted Talk instead, or research something that has always been a point of interest to you--like the effect of blue light on your sleep patterns. Now that will scare you into limiting your screen time at night for sure! In fact, most phones nowadays are equipped with screen-limiting timers that you can set up so that everyday, at a specific time, your phone turns into a paperweight, thus eliminating our compulsion to open the Instagram app and feel bad about ourselves for a few hours. 

Onward to victory, my fabulous soul sisters!


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