Mother Knows Best

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    If you have a mother, are a mother, or just know one, then you know that it can be a thankless job. That's where we come in--it turns out you actually can thank the mothers in your life, and Mother's Day is just the occasion to do it.  Finding the perfect gift doesn't have to be on par with locating the lost City of Atlantis, but it may take a little thought.  This small or large token of love and appreciation doesn't necessarily require a ton of time or money, just some careful, unhurried, good intentions.

     Do you remember those dried macaroni necklaces we would make when we were little--often adding some glitter and paint just to bling it up a bit?  Most recipients of these special homemade gifts were proud to show off their new baubles to friends and family (side note, this is not always the case, my mom took one  look at my creation and said, "what am I supposed to do, eat it?").  The point being that something handcrafted has a special meaning because it isn't mass produced, and it is made specifically for a specific person. In a world where you can buy anything anytime you want with just the click of button, it is nice to take a little more time creating something with infinitely more meaning. It's also not just for the little ones anymore--check out Pinterest and you will see that DIY has taken on a life of its own. So think outside the box-- maybe craft a creative book of coupons.  The coupon book is great for those of us on a budget because there doesn't have to be a monetary element to it.  You can include things like a homemade dinner, a foot massage, a movie night, etc--you get the picture.  Depending on who your recipient is, you can get pretty creative. If coupons aren't your thing, maybe something as simple as picking some flowers and actually spending time to write your thoughts down in a homemade card.  One of my favorite Mother's Day gifts was a very heartfelt message from my teenage son, scribbled on a Post-It - it was meaningful and didn't cost him anything (plus, I can conveniently "hang" it anywhere).  Again, no financial crisis involved with this type of gift, just a bit of thought.  Of course, there are those of us that would much rather call FTD for a bouquet of delivered flowers, than traipse through a field of flowers, sneezing and miserable because the pollen count is off the charts, and that's ok, too.  

      If you're comfortable spending a little money on your gift, then you've opened up a lot of options--a piece of jewelry, dinner at a favorite restaurant, a small island, whatever.  Just make sure that the gift you choose is something that the recipient can relate to.  So often we make the mistake of choosing a gift for someone that is actually something that we would like for ourselves (never mind that your girlfriend is diabetic, those cupcakes look great!), or similarly, a gift that we would like to see our recipient have, but maybe it's hardly the type of thing that they would have picked for theirself. You know what I mean, it's like giving giving someone a gym membership because you feel they could stand to lose a few lbs (gee, thanks for that, it's just what I wanted).  So, figure out your budget and know your audience--it's that easy.  

     If you still need a few ideas, here are a few classic items that anyone would be overjoyed to receive.  A nice candle is always a great option, like the ones from Voluspa or Trapp. Try to keep in mind what scents the person being presented with the gift might like, or similarly what scents remind you of them. If you have a voracious reader, a good book never goes out of style. Pick one that you may have read and would want to share, or a book on something they are interested in--I recently received a lovely little novel on the life of Chanel that was both thoughtful and a good read. Anything customized will be perfect for the person who likes to see their name on things or wants something that no one else has. These days, with sites like Etsy, you can customize everything--no longer will the person with the uncommon name be left out while looking at name keychains at one of those random mall kiosks. A gift card may feel like a copout, but if you are truly at a loss, or know that the person will garner a lot more joy if they can pick their own special something out, then go right ahead and get them one from their favorite shop.

            A gift is a tangible way of communicating your feelings, and provides a fantastic opportunity to spread a little love, especially for those of us that aren't so great with words.   You know the saying, "It's the thought that counts"?  Well, it is.  Of course, it never hurts to hold on to the receipt...














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