Is It Time For A New Year's Resolution?

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   t's that time again.  You can see 2017 in your rear-view mirror and 2018 is calling to you like a big neon sign. I guarantee at any celebratory event there will be at least one curious person asking everyone they meet what their New Year's resolution is. The real question is, who did the catering, and where can I get the recipe for those glorious stuffed mushrooms? On a more serious note, it is the best time for yearly reflection and to decide what will make your life less difficult through the upcoming year. Here are a few easy things to think about when making your resolution and why it is important to at least make a simple one every year instead of bah humbugging the whole ordeal. 

    So what if 2017 ended up being a dumpster fire, at least you can project the next year to be something better--or maybe invest in an economy set of fire extinguishers. Take stock of what you want your life to look like for the future and make reasonable changes to get you there. If you feel like you want more out of your job, maybe try to speak up more at the office. Or, if you've gained a couple more pounds than you feel confident with, make a plan to safely and realistically get rid of them. Most things are achievable if you set smallish goals and fulfill them one at a time. Resolutions are an easy way to keep you accountable, and to remember to live your life to the fullest. 

     Remember that not all resolutions need to be quantifiable, i.e. dollars and pounds. For many people, the start of a new year may be the catalyst that sparks a bit of interpersonal work and some self examination.  You may find that once you get your personal sh*# together, some of the quantifiable stuff begins to naturally fall into place.  Something as simple as doing a gratitude check at the end of each day can do wonders. It's proven that if you set a goal, and follow through with saying at least one positive thing about yourself daily, you can actually change your brain in to believing it's true. 

   Also, remember, you are your own best cheerleader. Being just that bit more positive in your head can actually turn things around for you not only mentally, but physically. If you go into making your resolution thinking you are going to fail, well guess what honey, you'll never build that flat pack furniture yourself.  Failure feels awful at the time, but will set you up for achieving bigger goals in the future. Let's face it, you will fail at least half the time you make a New Year's resolution. Apathy and life's own craziness will always be our worst enemy, so be kind to yourself. Sometimes, a quick mirror pep talk, and reminding yourself that as a human being you are extremely fallible,  is enough to keep you on the right path. Maybe give  yourself some positive reinforcement to keep your goal in mind, i.e. I'll get an hour to do something I want to do everyday, if I achieve this one small goal. 

    So how do people do it? How do they make those resolutions and keep them? Well, the answer is pretty simple--it's all about taking baby steps. I'm not saying you cannot become a millionaire in one year, but maybe set a more realistic goal, like say saving more money than you spend on average, every other or even every pay period. You may not end up as rich as Bill Gates right now, but it will set you up for a more prosperous future down the road. Your resolution doesn't even have to seem long-term, maybe try something that gets you out of your comfort zone at least once. Although I've heard if you go skydiving once, you all the sudden feel the urge to become an adrenaline junkie--at least that's what my mother has warned.

     We here at Angel Wings want to say cheers to the New Year and we hope each and every one of you has a positive, beautiful 2018!


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