Giving You the Slip: Why Slip Dresses Are the Best

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   I have such a vivid memory of seeing a picture of Kate Moss in the 90's wearing a slinky slip dress and thinking "wow, I cannot wait till I'm old enough to wear a grown up dress like that". Something about the shiny silk material and thin straps still makes me think of old Hollywood glamour and the bias-cut dresses of the 1920's. I would go into my mother's closet and try on her basic satin slip--something she only wore underneath a sheer dress--and a pair of her heels and pretend I was a chic ingenue a la Kate Moss (of course I didn't know the words chic or ingenue, but bear with me). Nowadays, the slip dress has come back into fashion popularity again. We are seeing it basically everywhere, and, good news, it's not just for nighttime anymore! Here are a few reasons why the slip dress is always great and how you can wear it, day or night!


   The reason that image of Kate Moss still resonates with me so much is because she looked like a celebration of divine femininity. There was no ornamentation, the dress was cleanly cut, and fit her like it was made for her. Granted, it probably was made for her and she's so beautiful that she doesn't need anything to distract from her perfect face, but I thought she looked powerful and womanly in all the simplicity. A real grownup lady living a glamorous lifestyle. Now that I am older I see the dress in a different light than I did when I was younger.To put it plainly, slip dresses are just, well, sexy. They are exactly the kind of dress you want to wear on a date. A surefire way to say "I am comfortable in my skin" to anyone that crosses your path. Even though you are likely showing a fair amount of skin, it is body skimming instead of body hugging. The clean lines look elegant instead of flashy. 

   Slip dresses seem to come in and out of fashion every few years; the style usually make its grand reappearance simultaneously when trends skew more androgynous. Think back to the 90's when Nike and Adidas were kings of the "street look", and even today when people are rocking their fanny packs and designer sport shoes. The slip style acts as a foil to a more "sporty" look; a good way to show off your feminine side in a sea of athleisure. Back in the old hey day of glamour, the slip dress was a call for freedom. No longer did women have to wear uncomfortable contraptions like corsets and heavy fabrics, they were free to express their rebellion by showing off their real shape in luxurious silks and satin. Without their rebellion we wouldn't have the freedom to wear such body skimming garments today. These days, no one gives it a second glance. Fashion is about expressing yourself by wearing whatever makes you feel fabulous--or gets you the most Instagram likes.  

  So, how do you style them without looking like you are wearing lingerie? I find pairing your slinky pieces with more grounded or urban accessories helps tone down the sultry vibe. These days you may even  see the who's who of fashion wearing their slip dresses with their Nike sport shoes. To make it more daytime appropriate, try throwing a basic tee underneath, or slip on a denim jacket. You can even wear your waist bag cross-body for extra style points in the A.M.. Print can also read more daytime, so don't be afraid to experiment with colors and patterns. At night you will probably want to play up the flirty vibes (especially on a date with the hot guy you met at the gym). Try wearing a good pair of strappy heels and keep the hair sleek--like in a low bun--lest the people think you are rocking your just-got-out-of-bed-hair with your nightgown. The nighttime slip dress look is all about being just a bit more polished, and, hey, you might secure a second date by wearing one. 

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