Be A Fashion Gender Bender-- AKA Having Fun With The Menswear Trend

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   It's time to steal something from the boys, and we aren't talking about their penchant for selective listening. Menswear inspired clothing is such a cool way to create an interesting juxtaposition between your own femininity, and what you are wearing. Anyone who tells you menswear can't be fashionably feminine is wrong, and frankly you don't need that kind of negativity in your life. What you do need are some seriously chic male-dress inspired pieces in your closet.  Here are some reasons why this trend is so amazing and how you too can achieve the look without compromising your femininity. 

    Since Katharine Hepburn first graced the talkies wearing a pair of wide legged trousers and smoking her Marlboro slims, menswear inspired pieces have popped up throughout the decades. The 50's brought blue jeans to the masses, and allowed women the freedom to wear something usually attributed to the male attire. In the late 70's Diane Keaton wowed millions in her slightly oversized masculine inspired wardrobe in Annie Hall. It was a great contrast between the ingénue she was playing, and setting her apart by not dressing classically feminine like her counterparts. A few years later, in the 80's, Doc Martens brought punk to the mainstream, and garnered a massive female following--the 90's saw Doc's juxtaposed with sweet floral dresses. Nowadays we have women like Tilda Swinton toeing the balance of androgyny and showing that being female, fashionable, and chic does not always mean you have to be decked out in a dress and heels.

     There is a quiet sexiness to a woman who isn't afraid to wear clothing usually associated with men. A woman who walks into a black tie event, not in a fancy dress, but wearing a well tailored suit will always look strong and confident. She's the kind of woman who drinks her whiskey neat and also supports all of  her fellow females. The same can be said for any woman walking down the street wearing trousers, a button down shirt, and pairing the whole look with heels. That being said, it doesn't have to be super serious--you can make it playful by paring a men's pajama style top with a cool pair of pants and some brogues. The whole point is to do the unexpected and to break the so called "fashion rules". You'll be more eye-catching wearing outfits that no one ever thought to put together. 

   So what are some pieces that fit the bill? Look for anything in patterns or prints deemed typically masculine like flannel, banker stripes, or hound's-tooth. Also keep your eyes open for shapes that are slightly boxy or loose fitting. The key to incorporating menswear into your everyday life is to remember two things: tailoring and proportions. Find yourself a good tailor who you really trust and remember what looks best on your body type--look at yourself and decide which areas of your body you can add volume to, and which ones look better in a slimmer silhouette. A big trend within menswear for women is to pair oversized pieces with more tailored ones. A loose pair of trousers matched with a body skimming cropped sweater or leather leggings paired with an oversized flannel are two very good options.  Lately, we've seen a lot of oversized coats on the runways that could easily go with your favorite pair of jeans, a non-bulky sweater, and a great pair of booties--all of which can be found in your favorite shops, including our own. Just remember to mix and match, but not over do it, you definitely don't want to look like you're being swallowed whole by a clothing monster. If you are looking to go the extra mile, big watches, loafers, and lug soles are great accessory options to either pair with an entirely menswear inspired outfit or, if you are just want to dip your toe, with something more classically feminine for a chic contrast.  

    In the immortal words of Cindi Lauper: girls just want to have fun, and that should absolutely extend to our fashion choices. Donning menswear inspired pieces is definitely a fun, different way to create a truly standout outfit. Also, it's a definite plus that all those loose, over-sized silhouettes make it easier to eat that naughty cheeseburger in the middle of the week. Happy shopping ladies!


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