Finding Your Sole Mate

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No, I didn't get my spelling wrong-- the search for the perfect soul mate has been trumped by, yes, the soles of my feet.  What is it about women, shoes, and the potential for physical torture that we will put ourselves through, in the search for the perfect pair.  For the most part, our feet tend to even the fashion playing field-- that is to say, most of us are built somewhat similar from the ankle down.  You don't see too many of those, "Who wore it best" pics comparing celebrities' feet.  I may not be rocking the same size 0 bodysuit that Chrissy T does, but girlfriend, I can wear the same shoes, and look pretty fantastic.  


Shoes satisfy a variety of our needs.  The first, of course, is to protect our well-pedicured tootsies from whatever elements life chooses to throw in our path - bad weather, dirty sidewalks, well-intentioned pet owners, you name it.  Our choice of shoe is also important because of the miles we put on our feet; comfort, although often neglected for vanity, is key, but do we want to spend every day in sneakers and lug heels?  Lastly, our choice of shoe offers an opportunity to reflect our personal style.  Do you reach for a boot or a stiletto?  A gladiator or sneaker?  Is it realistic to expect that you can find the perfect shoe?   You know, your soul sole-mate --something that satisfies both your physical and aesthetic needs.  In short, yes.  One of my favorites is the Sahira bootie from Dolce Vita - just the right amount of utility and sass.



 I've watched women come in the store feeling beat up by the world, their self image fragile at best, and then they slide their foot into a beautiful little shoe, and you can almost see the transformation.  Real shoe junkies will tell you it's a visceral reaction.  It's that moment when you look at yourself in the mirror, feet posed in second position wearing a 5" stiletto, and are filled with confidence and pride. You feel strong and sexy - you are, quite simply,a badass.  



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