Fall Fashion Forecast 2018

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  Fall is the absolute best season! You get crisp weather (unless you live in SOCAL, then you are getting what we locals refer to as a second summer), falling leaves, cozy sweaters, cute boots, and of course the famed pumpkin spice latte. I dream about that decadently spiced caffeinated beverage for nine months every year, and then I have as many as I can get my hands on. You also have a lot of autumn related activities to look forwards to in the fall, like apple picking, corn mazes, hay rides. You definitely need a few cute looks to go along with all your adventures, and luckily fall fashion is always on point! I'm talking cable knit and corduroy classics! What's not to love? Here is your guide for what to search for in your quest for the perfect Fall wardrobe, or at least the perfect outfit to wear when you go to the pumpkin patch. I mean, how will people know about your fun fall activities if you don't post them on your Instagram? 

   Real question: do they call it Fall because the leaves fall from the trees? I mean, I know that Autumn comes from the Latin word autumnus, but the word "Fall" always seemed funny to me. Speaking of leaves, the autumnal palette is mostly comprised of warmer colors, not unlike the ones you see dangling precariously from the trees. Sumptuous greens, rich reds, burnt oranges, mustard yellows, and warm tans are the tones you'll find when you're fall shopping. Mixing them with basic neutrals like black, white, gray, and navy will give you a multifaceted color scheme to play with in your wardrobe. Because all of these colors compliment each other flawlessly, you can mix and match to your heart's content. Just be careful putting certain color pairings together like orange and black or red and green; you want to look chic, not like you repping the upcoming holidays. 

   There are a few key pieces we have been seeing crop up this season that are good additions to your already established Autumn wardrobe. Anything corduroy is a must--we have a cute little skirt and jacket by White Crow that are super darling. Corduroy is textured so when you style it with other pieces you'll get a cool layered look. We've also been seeing a lot of suspender dresses that look chic paired with a basic tee, booties, and a felt hat. I like the midi length best, but there are a ton of longer and shorter options to fit whatever your fancy is. Another charming look that has been popping up since summer is skirts and dresses with over-sized wood and tortoiseshell buttons (like the plaid skirt above). If you found neutral pieces during the summer, you can easily transition them into fall with a cropped sweater on top. I am super excited to announce that little mod skorts are back! If you weren't born before 1991 and don't know what a skort is then let me ecstatically introduce you to this skirt/short hybrid. They are easily my favorite versatile piece for the season because they literally go with everything. It's the perfect bottom to pair with a basic top or any sweater. I like pairing the look with some over the knee boots, but don't be afraid to put some tights on underneath to keep your knees warm. Speaking of sweaters, the crop is still king. This year we have been seeing a lot of cropped sweaters with some serious distressing, I'm talking rips, tears, and unfinished hems galore (we adore the ones from White Crow).



   Now that you have a few key pieces to look for and a gorgeous color palette to play with, you are ready to have a fabulous fall fashion moment or two. May your boots be comfortable, your skirts be plaid, and your pumpkin spice latte be perfectly warm! Have fun my fearless fashionistas! 


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