Bootie Call

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   The bootie, otherwise known as the ankle boot, is the best shoe for everybody; all you naysayers need to sit down and hear me out. Not only is it absolutely chic when paired with just about anything in your wardrobe and has about as many different variations as you could possibly think off, it's also season defying. You can wear these beauties in the fall, spring, beginning of summer, and--if you are lucky to live in a relatively frost free environment--winter. Personally I have about ten different pairs to go with just about any look I fancy throughout the year. In fact, I would argue that this particular style of shoe adds a bit more style to an outfit than say a classic sandal. Unlike a sandal, which can be deemed too informal for some occasions and places (unless you are a west-coaster and a die hard Rainbows fan) you can pretty much wear them (depending on their design) in any setting, professional or otherwise. 

    Booties are usually defined as an ankle skimming, structured boot-like shoe. However you shouldn't confuse it with an actual boot, it's more like its cuter distant cousin. In fact the bootie has been around for a long time. The eponymous "Chelsea" boot, known for the little tab on the back for it to be easily slipped on, came from the Victorian era Queen Victoria, herself,  was the trendsetter of these classics. The ones we know today became popular in the 1950's-60's during the swinging London phase, (the moniker came from a particular part of London people frequented wearing them) and have held a pretty steady rhythm in fashion since. Now we have dozens of different options to cater to any outfit need. 

   Classic flat, stacked heel, cowboy chic, city moto, open toed, pointy, buttery leather, or soft suede; finding one that fits your style is definitely easier than finding out who that glass slipper belonged to in Cinderella. You want a pair to go with anything no matter the style? A flat leather Chelsea in a neutral color is your new best friend. Feeling like you could kick up your boots at the local line dance bar? A cowboy inspired option is always available. Looking for something a bit more Cali-cool? A suede pair with boho details is just the ticket! Feeling saucy and fabulous? An ankle grazing, pointy toed, stiletto sock bootie is waiting for your manicured toes. Truly your options are endless. My advice would be to pick up a couple of neutral pairs, in a stacked heel or a flat, that go with whatever style you've got going, and then get one pair that's a looker for when you feel the need to dress up. Try a mod white pair if you feeling extra daring.  

   Unlike your actual booty, the bootie is safe to be seen in all its glory! In fact we encourage you to show it off. Since they traditionally are an ankle grazing height, hems that fall right above them are the best length to create a longer leg line. Cropped jeans, rolled hems, shorts,. and midi or mini skirts or dresses are the best options to show off your fabulous footwear. Anything that falls below may lead to them looking too clunky--definitely not what we are going for. 

   Now, ladies, I think it's time for you to go out and snag a pair of your own so you can shake your booties with the best of us! See what I did there ;) 


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