Books Are a Girl's Best Friend

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           I know what you are thinking—Marilyn Monroe breathily sings “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” not books, but no offense to Miss Monroe; I think she got it wrong. Diamonds may be the perfect glittery centerpiece for which to sparkle outwardly, but nothing is better than the sparkle of imagination. What is so special about a book anyway?  Well the sheer fact that a beautifully written tome can transport you into another lifetime, another body, another human experience. We spend so much time trying to understand our own idiosyncrasies—it is nice to dive deep into someone else’s world for a few hours. A novel can make you laugh when you want to cry; or cry when you have never been happier in your own life—like a best-friend.

            The best types of books are the ones that make us better women. Whether it is reading a new word you’ve never seen before and have to look it up—something I do quite frequently--or reading about a character’s situation; that on the outside deserves no sympathy, but you learn to be compassionate to them anyways. You may never have an experience like them, but you can open up your mind to what they must be going through. It makes us more sympathetic to people we actually see in our everyday lives. There are also the books that have clear morals--Pride and Prejudice teaches us to not judge someone on a first meeting—they could very well become someone you cannot live without—while The Great Gatsby tells us that obsession ultimately destroys us. Then there are the books that make us laugh until it hurts like The Three-Martini Playdate: A Practical Guide to Happy Parenting by Christie Mellor--the perfect book that teaches mothers to not sweat the small stuff in a delightfully hilarious way. These characters and their hijinks come alive in our minds; we paint a mural of their days that stays with us long after we finish the final chapter. 

            It is so exciting when a batch of new books comes through the doors of our store; whether it’s the hilarious cookbook What The F&*K Should I Make For Dinner by Zach Golden or the thought provoking The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make A Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell . I wonder who will get to read each page—will they laugh at the same parts I have or will they gain some new knowledge? We recently got a book in, called Girl Culture by Lauren Greenfield, which is a fascinating take on why young women act the way they do. It is a sometimes disturbing, but insightful, book of photos and essays that reveals what influences affect the contemporary young female. The book is a phenomenal read for anyone, but especially for women.


            So here is the goal I want each one of us to set for ourselves: give someone you know a book that was your “best-friend”—one that gave you something you didn’t know you needed. Then discuss it--maybe they will have gained a perceptive you didn’t see when you read it. Hopefully they will have given you a book of their choosing and you can discuss that as well. Who knows we may just open up someone or ourselves to something brand new.

                                        Happy reading to all my lovely ladies!


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