Beach Please!

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   Summertime's here, and the living is easy. While the last nine months have likely been spent doing spreadsheets in a small cubicle, it is now time to take a deep breath of salty sea air, and get a nice big dose of vitamin D down by the sea shore. I'm talking nice sandy coastline, dreamy lifeguards, and questionable beachhut food for miles. Here are a couple of tips  to get yourself ready for your beach vacay, or--if you are lucky enough to be right by the coast like us here in San Clemente--a nice refresher course after all those may gray days. 
   Dressing for the beach seems like a no-brainer, you are going to need a bathing suit, le duh. Sure, a bathing suit is a good foundation (especially if you can find a brand and style that really works for your body, and that makes you feel like a mermaid fresh out of the lagoon), but what if you are going to dinner right from the beach, or if you are staying till after sunset to roast marshmallows in the fire-pits? Little more of a head scratcher, isn't it. Luckily there are a few key pieces that won't take up a ton of room in your beach bag, and can take you through any event of the day. A good beach cover-up will take you miles, sometimes literally. We suggest something a little flowy and easy to throw on. Shorts and a top seem like an easy choice, but if you've spent the day catching waves, you are not going to feel like pulling two pieces back on over your dewy skin. A nice patterned caftan or easy summer dress will often work double time as a cover-up and as something breezy to have on at dinner. Boutiques like ours offer a wide variety of no-brainer pieces. You'll also want to throw in a cozy sweater/shawl if you plan on spending anytime at the beach after sunset. It might have been 90 degrees all day, but the ocean breeze will make it feel much cooler once the sun has gone down. Don't forget a beach hat either--panama, fedora, baseball cap, floppy--the style doesn't matter as much as having something to shield your delicate face from the sun. It might not seem like a necessity, but it could make all the difference between being sun kissed and the same color of the lobster you are going to consume at dinner. Pro tip: consider packing some undergarments so you aren't stuck in your sandy swimsuit at dinner.   
  Now that we've got you physically covered, you'll need a few more things to make your beach experience seamless. I cannot stress this enough, bring sunscreen! SPF 30 will do the trick, and please, for the love of Coco Chanel, don't forget to reapply every few hours! You may have perfectly smooth, supple skin now, but you'll end up looking like beef jerky in the futire if you don't slather yourself in good ole' sun-cream. A nice fluffy terry beach towel is a must if you are planning on dipping a toe in the big blue. If staying sand side is more your thing, a round beach blanket is perfectly instagramable, especially in a boho print. Plain H2O is an essential to keep hydrated while the sun is beating down on you. Bring a nice refillable tumbler or insulated cup so you can sip without the hassle and cost of plastic water bottles. If you want to bring a nice little cocktail with you, a reusable BPA free plastic winetote--like the ones we carry--will be your best friend. Most beaches do not allow glass bottles or even alcoholic beverages, but you can kind of skirt the rules by putting your adult beverages in one of these babies. I also suggest bringing a small zippered pouch with you for small items like chapstick, hair ties, Advil, headphones, a small cordless charger, your ID, and cash/cards. In fact a good rule of thumb is to pay for anything at the beach with cash. It might seem like a hassle, but a lot of ocean side snack huts and shops have a minimum for cards, or don't take them at all. Better to be more prepared then have to schlep all the way back up to the mainland to find an atm. You can pack all of this in a single summer tote--personally, I like a good straw bag or patterned backpack to fit all my goods in. Now these are just the bare necessities for the perfect beach day, anything else is an extra that will depend on what you have on your itinerary. You could bring a cooler filled with snacks and drinks if you plan to forgo the greasy goodness of the snack shack, or bring firewood and all the making for S'mores if you are staying past sunset. It's really up to you what other little goodies you want to bring, they just might not fit in your fashionable beach bag. 
  There are a couple of etiquette rules if you want to beach with the best. Not surprisingly, it isn't a free-for-all, we aren't animals and we need to respect the beach experience. Nothing, and I mean nothing, is more annoying then someone kicking sand up and onto already lounging beach-goers as they walk in between towels on a crowded section of the beach. Don't be that person, and for the love of god, don't let your kid be that person. Also, don't litter, its bad for the environment, and bad for my blood pressure. Everything you've brought with you, needs to return with you, or at the very least be put into the correct recycling/garbage receptacles usually found lining the walkway. If you plan on having a cocktail or two at the beach don't forget to chase it with some water. The sun is going to dehydrate you just as much as the alcohol, and you don't want to end up sick on the seashore--Sally wouldn't approve if you upchucked on her seashells. Here's the thing, I know Baywatch has given us unrealistic expectations of slow-mo running beefcake lifeguards waiting to save you from the surf if you so much as stub your toe on a pebble, but please don't pretend to drown because one of the guards looks like Ryan Gosling's twin. They are there to do a job, so ogle from afar, but leave them be unless you are in distress. Do remember to be careful in the ocean, even the most calm looking sea could have a riptide just waiting to pull you into exhaustion. If you are not a strong swimmer stay closer to the shore, and remember if you do get stuck in one of those rips don't panic, swim diagonal to the beach until you stop feeling the pull, and then return to shore. Otherwise have a fun and safe time!
   Ready, set, BEACH!


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