Are We Ever Over Overalls?

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  Overalls, one of fashion's most comfortable trends. Alas, some people may think they are a little childish, considering as toddlers you weren't "in" unless you were sporting all of the coolest colors that Oshkosh could offer. I've got great news though, such comforts are perfectly acceptable to wear past the age of six. You just have to know how to style them correctly. Here's a short guide on how to look like your best self in overalls. 

    A good pair of overalls is absolutely adult appropriate, and anyone who tells you differently isn't having any fun. We are seeing them everywhere this year, popping up in prints, solids, and patterns. It's an effortless item to wear if you want to create a fun, flirty urban look. You aren't even limited to denim, we carry ZSupply and they do a variety of prints in a soft terry material just begging to be worn by a fashion savvy woman, such as yourself. What's really important is fit; you want to make sure you can only fit one of you inside. That being said, don't be afraid to play with proportion, you can totally do a tight 70's style in a bell bottom cut just as long as it fits your curves in a way that makes you feel sassy and fabulous. Personally, I love the fact that you can wear this trend with your favorite casual shoe, or elevate the look with a fun pair of heels. Don't forget about overall's short (but just as cool) cousin, the short-erall or cut-off-erall. Honestly, I've never really known what they are actually called, but they are super cute, comfy, and stylish when paired with a basic tee and a pair of beat up sneaks. 

   You may be surprised to learn that overalls weren't always such paragons of fashion savviness like they are today. In fact, originally the denim trend was much more utilitarian. They were made from durable fabrics that could withstand hard labor in the fields and in factories. Especially relevant in the 1940's during WW2 when women had to take on a lot of the factory and farm jobs left by men while they were at war. It was really during the late 1960's and 70's that the trend took a more chic route in a voluminous bell bottom silhouette. The 90's catapulted the trend back into fashion with GAP and Tommy Hilfiger basically taking over the denim game. Even Queen Bey herself wore a pair of Tommy's in her Destiny's Child days. Nowadays, you can wear overalls in a multitude of different ways and in different silhouettes. 

   There are a couple ways in which wearing overalls can go seriously wrong. Wearing a top underneath that is not proportionally flattering will throw off the whole look. Instead opt for tanks and tees a little closer to the body, or if you are feeling super daring, a cropped off the shoulder style is darling with a cutoff pair. Remember the difference between overalls and coveralls. One is chic and the other is more suitable for work under the hood of an old Ford. Like most jeans, you're going to have to find a pair in the perfect length--too long and they are dragging, too short and you risk having a peekaboo situation. 

   I have this vision of a very chic French woman (if you want to know why I dream of fashionable French women read our other Blog post on Why French Women are Such Fabulous Dressers) wearing a cuffed ankle grazing pair of overalls and a pointy toe heel. She looks effortlessly stylish carrying her bouquet of flowers while the sun glints off her Celine sunnies. Now, I'm not saying buying a pair will make your pores appear smaller and your problems disappear, but sometimes you've got to fake it till you make it. Wearing something that is going to garner some nice compliments boosts your confidence so you feel like you've got your 'ish together, if you know what I mean. Plus, as an added bonus, they are super comfortable!

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