A Guide to Having a Frighteningly Fun Fall

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   Can you feel that spooky chill in the air? Tis' the time of year for apple picking, pumpkin carving, and scary movies! Or, if you are anything like me, gathering up you pumpkin spice latte, a bowl full of caramel corn, and watching Hocus Pocus on repeat till the season ends (Did you hear they got the greenlight for a sequal!?!?!). If you haven't nailed down plans for All Hallows Eve quite yet, now is your chance! Here is a guide to some fun fall activities, what to wear to them, and how to throw a budget friendly Autumnal get-together!

   What is it about apple orchards and pumpkin patches that is just so darn Instagram-able? It's the perfect activity to do if you like being in nature, but also an opportunity for hot apple toddies and cute pics. There are a ton of places to experience fall fun in SoCal, just make sure to call the apple orchards ahead of time, to see if they still have space and apples for the picking. If you want to grace your feed with some fabulous fall attire, the best outfits for the season usually have three key ingredients: layers, texture, and great accessories. An easy combo of a chunky sweater, over a flannel shirt, and jeans is a good place to start. Then spice it up with a cool pageboy hat and a killer pair of booties, like the outfit above. Looks great on your feed, and is also comfortable enough to wear when you are walking around in potentially muddy areas. If you want an easier look pair a flannel, with a pair of jeans, and recycle that hat and the boots--bonus points if you switch out the booties for a pair of riding boots. You can even get a rock themed one of a kind flannel from our brick and mortar shop that will wow everyone! I also enjoy a sweater underneath a cropped corduroy jacket and a felt hat. Pretty simple to put together--you most likely have all three pieces in your closet--and it is cozy enough to wear just about anywhere this season. Best to keep your palette leaning warm; think in terms of colors like burnt orange, forest green, and tan, with pops of white to keep everything fresh. I'm also a sucker for anything animal print, which you can wear allover, or if that is too Flintstones for you, try it as a chic bag. 


   Now that you've gotten your pumpkins, it is time to put your creative cap on and carve the things! Better yet, make a memory out of it, and invite some pals around for a pumpkin carving party! It's not a grand get-together, so don't feel like you have to break the bank. Really, every good gathering has three things: good food, good booze, and good atmosphere! Utilize some of those apples you picked on your orchard excursion and put out some of that yummy Trader Joe's pumpkin flavored cream cheese and their maple cookies for some fun, easy, and inexpensive treats. Add some mason jars filled with candy, and you're set for a sugar rush! This is exactly the time of year for anything pumpkin spice flavored, so why not make your own version of the quintessential pumpkin spice latte? You can achieve it easily by brewing coffee, adding a pumpkin spice creamer of your choice, and topping it off with whipped cream and cinnamon. If you want to have an even better time, spike your festive drinks by adding some cinnamon flavored whiskey, a la Fireball, and a little bit of vanilla flavored vodka. Now on to decorations! The Target $1 aisle is fantastic for well priced themed decor items, so give it a look to give your place a little ambiance. Grab some some small pumpkins and a few faux autumn leaves and place them artistically around for a super simple touch of fall. An easy way to make the night a bit more lively is by adding a little competitive fun, like doing a pumpkin carving contest. Whomever carves the best one gets a prize (i.e. something else you picked up from the $1 aisle)! Most people overlook what is happening in the background of their party; If you don't want to  fall prey to this faux pas you can find a Halloween themed playlist on Spotify, or turn on a scary movie for some spooky background noise. Put all of these ideas together and you've got a pretty great soiree!

    Eek! It's getting closer to Halloween and you still don't have a costume yet! Well, no worries, I am sure you have something in your closet to fashion into a spectacularly spooky outfit! If all else fails grab some T.P. and wrap yourself into a fabulous mummy mini dress. There are so many workable pieces in every girls closet to create a costume quickly and on the cheap. Have a plaid skirt, a white dress shirt, and some glasses? You are set to be a schoolgirl. Have a sexy black dress and a broom? Easily passable as a witch. A leopard print dress, some and some pearls can transform you into a cave woman a la Wilma Flintstone. Go fully wild by grabbing a pair of animal ears from the Halloween section and pull a Karen from Mean girls. You can be a mouse. Duh! Take it a step further and draw on a cute nose and some whiskers so no one is confused. If you love to get creative with your look instead of buying a costume, you can always try to do some Halloween inspired makeup. Becoming a mermaid is easy if you have an aquatic colored eye-shadow palette and a pair of fishnets (look for YouTube tutorials on how to achieve the look). You can even go the gory route  with items that you already have on hand like coffee grounds, cotton balls, and tissue paper. Grab some skin safe liquid latex, one of those super cheap alcohol activated paint sets you can find in the Halloween costume aisle, and some fake blood and create an awesomely scary look. Don't be afraid to really go for it! It might be the only time of year that you can drench yourself in blood and not frighten anyone to death! Hey, you might just win that costume contest after-all! 

  I hope you have fun, and stay safe this fall! Just remember playing with a Ouija board seems like a good idea, until you start coughing up pea soup. Just ask our girl Reagan. 


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